May, 2019

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Okay…. Let’s Talk MONEY Honey!!



Hello Beautiful!

Welcome to My Cash Stash, hich is Mine, yOURS, and really, just hOURS and ha, yes, we love to pun!

Anyways, so a brief introduction, we’re Kyle and Shanni Shaner, sELF employed special/specific needs parents, that just don’t fit into everyone else’s box of how we “should” be…. Gasp! Imagine that! and last year after we got married, our financial journey of self employment began, it began like a kidney stone (OUCH!) but it began… and yes, we’re comical so enjoy our humour! And in time, well get all of our resources in place on the site to share, we do it all! Shanni is the technical mastermind, and Kyle is the daddy/hubby gaga (ooh la love!). And we’re really quirky, so at least you know we’re not booorrrinnggg!

Anyhow, so obviously this is a finanical business money up and coming community powered by the Phajii line @

But you wanna know that we’re human and we can relate to you and your situations, absolutely yes and have nailed and narrowed down our own financial situation before we advise you on yours, see for yourself. Get to know us. Here you go…

Follow our front page, we stash cash, we use muliple apps and get cash back EVERY time we go shopping, we travel and we are unattached to a monthly mortgage, or renting, we do otherwise and our own thing. We have side hustles galore and actually suprise people a lot with our ways.

Understand this, we don’t consider ourselves better or worse than anyone else, we just have our own ways and experiences, our truths. We’ve had to work for what we’ve had, but there’s that true and beautiful satisfation there of earning our dues and do’s and our keep, the senses of belonging. Money is emotional and mental, egoic or not. Its up to you what you do with what we post here. Our methods aren’t for evat ceryone, but there are those that whose methods we’ve tested tried and true will be right up your alley and you will have the wisdom of our experience and that of the community we’re building here. We comprehend financial/emotional consequences, yet we also know and reap the rewards of such too. We know the games, we set the tones… And really, it hasn’t happened overnight, we’re not overnight sensations, it rarely happens that way for anyone, but we’ve token by token and step by step, kept going “knocking out” the big hard tasks and steps we’ve had to take to empower our situation. Our last few situations have been pushed and forced, not of our choosing, and didn’t end well. This time around IS of our choosing, and our freedom… Nothing is impossible for us. We do it, we just simply do it. And we want to thank you for being a part of that! So in time, you’ll see the site grow, and grow huge! So don’t mind its previous barron-ness, that’s all changing! We’ve had to learn how to get over, that as its all been you (as it was for us), it is only you, that can push yourself forward, like we are, same concept. Not like its been easy, but at least you know we’re simple folks that you can relate to. We’re so grateful for the huminlity behind our growth and independence. Please let us know in the comments, what you’d love to see. We’ve done a lot, so I’m sure we can accomodate for whatever your situation and needs are. Have a great day folks!

Kyle and Shanni Shaner

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